" ...Offshore drilling equipment has grown into sophisticated and advanced machinery within the last decade .
The trend of robotizing the drillfloor will continue as the operators are looking to enhance efficiency
while mitigating potential hazards during operations, at the same time as they are looking to cut costs..."

What we do

We build, commission, maintain and upgrade offshore drilling equipment.
To us a drilling unit is a drilling unit.
We can also handle other tasks, but drilling equipment is our stronghold.

*Conceptual studies
*Research and development
*Engineering, Procurement and  Construction
*Installation and Commissioning
*Upgrades and retrofits
*Periodic survey support
*Construction supervision

Our mission

Our mission at GlobalMechatronics is to supply our customers with detailed know-how during the construction, installation, commissioning and start-up phase of a drilling unit.
We are happy to take the owners side in supervising any newbuild or upgrade to make sure you are getting the correct quality from your equipment providers.
Basically we help you make sure that you get value for your investments.


Our History is short as we are a newly set up company, BUT...
We are all old colleagues and good friends, with detailed knowledge on what our capabilities are.
We all have strong backgrounds from leading oil-service companies, with more than 2 decades served.
All in all we have been part of sending more than 85 offshore drilling units into operation, mainly from Asian yards in China, Singapore & Korea


We are in constant dialogue with companies to develop our newly founded Mechatronics network.
We hope you take the time to contact us if you have needs that might suit our company profile.
If you are building, modifying or bringing a rig back into operations, we have the technical know-how and engineering personnel to help you transition from a project to operational state in a smooth manner

Details are important!
Global Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary network of engineers
with a broad background from oil & gas service providers.


Our engineers can handle small to medium sized projects in any combination of
mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering,
systems engineering and control engineering.



We can handle a full range of EPC-IC tasks in collaboration with some of our construction partners.
All installations, system integrating tests and commissioning is handled by our well experienced and renown site team.


Our site team has wide knowledge and years of experience in handling all phases of yard activities...





No question too small, nor any task too big !
Please give us a call at the phone number listed below, or simply fill in the form to learn more about what we can assist you with


+47 900 666 16


Solliveien 29, N-3150 Tolvsrød, NORWAY



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